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State of Water Emergency 

Akvo was founded with a singular purpose.
To de-commodify the world’s biggest commodity.
Because here’s the thing. Water is quickly becoming a scarce resource. As a result of which, companies are doing whatever they can, to monopolize it. Which is problematic, because water (as you probably know), is a natural resource. And natural resources should be available to everyone. So we put technology in action to get water from air. Just like we learned in science in grade 4. Turns out, it’s pretty easy to do, if you partner up with the right people. And that is in essence, who we are. Just some people out to save the world, one glass of water at a time.

Top U.S. Freshwater Use by State Published: March 20th, 2019

Happy World Water Day! On Friday, March 22, the UN and others will host hundreds of events around the theme of “leaving no one behind.” About 99 percent of Americans have safely managed water. But as climate change leads to more flooding, drought, and heat, this changing weather could put our water supply at risk.

With heavier downpours and rising sea levels, the resulting floods could mean more drinking water contamination.


Heavy rain led to more than one billion gallons of sewage overflow in 2015-2016, according to a 2016 Climate Central report. As climate change supercharges the water cycle, major downpours will happen more — as seen in the rainfall records this winter and last year. On the coasts, rising seas can accelerate the push of saltwater into underground wells. Florida’s Broward County expects to lose 41 percent of its coastal well field capacity in the next 50 years.


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