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How much water is in the atmosphere?
At any moment, the atmosphere contains an astounding 37.5 million billion gallons of water, in the invisible vapor phase. This is enough water to cover the entire surface of the Earth (land and ocean) with one inch of rain.

AKVO H2O is the World's First Drinking Utility Company 

with 1000 Plus units deployed globally

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September 20 2021 USA marketplace Opened for Business!


Limitless water.
From unlimited air.
Akvo gives you freedom to break away from water mafias!



Pay as much as you drink
So you want to be an asset light business. Fair enough. Fortunately, we have solutions where you don’t own the Akvo machine, but instead, pay as much as your enterprise consumes. Just like you pay your electricity bill, for example. It’s simple, headache-free, and best of all, there’s no stress about the upkeep of your Akvo, since we take care of everything.

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Own your water.

The Akvo Pod relies on the atmospheric water vapor to create water, which means there is limitless potential to generate unlimited drinking water forever.

Un-tether yourself from water lines

The Akvo Pod generates pure drinking water and lets you bypass water lines from the municipal water supplies completely.

Requires No Water Source

Akvo creates water from air and thus require no water source to generate pure drinking  water.

Easy To Use & Maintain
Akvo AWGs are cost efficient units and require very minimum maintenance to make it run.