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Pure, clean & safe drinking water. Directly from the air.
Akvo makes water using their proprietary ground breaking air-to-water technology that creates unlimited, clean drinking water from the moisture in the air.

Daily Water Generation

The Akvo Pod is designed to generate upto 50 litres of water per day at rated conditions of 30°C and 80% Relative Humidity.

Working Conditions

The Akvo Pod work best in Temperatures ranging between 15°C and 55°C + Relative Humidity of 30-99%.

Power & Energy

Electric Power: 220-240 Volts, 50 & 60 Hz, 1 Phase.
Nominal Consumption: 0.65KW at 30°C and 80% Relative Humidity.


***Currently there are two and more will be added details are below.

AKVO Economy - Biostatic    Chlorine, taste and odor reduction for 35000 liters
pH balancing (Output pH 7-8)

Mineral addition (Ca and Mg: 5 – 10 ppm)
AKVO Premium    Chlorine, taste and odor reduction for 35000 liters
2 ppm free chlorine (50% reduction)
pH balancing (Output pH 7-8)
Mineral addition (Ca and Mg: 5-10 ppm)
Output ORP < -100 mV
Output Hydrogen > 0.2 ppm



Purest Drinking Water

Akvo® Atmospheric Water Generators use a powerful proprietary organic filtration process that outputs pure drinking water that contains no harmful chemicals, bacteria, viruses or pesticides. The water collected from our AWG is almost distilled in its collection stage and then minerals are added to the water to make it reach recommended drinking standards.

Akvo Water Quality Report
Parameters    Units    Results    Limits*
Appearance    Physical Observation    Clear liquid    –

Colour    HU    2    Max.5.0
pH @ 25°C        7.6    6.5 to 8.5

Odour        Unobjectionable    Unobjectionable
Turbidity    NTU    < 1    Max. 1.0
Total Hardness as CaCO3    mg/l    2    Max. 200
Calcium as Ca    mg/l    1    Max. 75
Magnesium as Mg    mg/l    < 1    Max. 30
p-Alkalinity as CaCO3    mg/l    Nil    –
Total Alkalinity as CaCO3    mg/l    8    Max.200
Chloride as Cl    mg/l    3    Max.250

Sulphate as SO4    mg/l    2.1    Max. 200

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)    mg/l    47    Max. 500
Iron as Fe    mg/l    BDL(DL:0.01)    –
Silica as SiO2    mg/l    0.12    –
Carbonate Hardness    mg/l    2    –
Non Carbonate Hardness    mg/l    Nil    –
Sodium as Na    mg/l    BDL(DL:0.1)    –

BDL – Below Detection Limit; DL – Detection Limit; Max. – Maximum
*As per Drinking Water Specification IS 10500:2012

An estimated 2.2 billion people need access to safely managed drinking water, including 884 million currently without basic drinking water services. An estimated 4.2 billion people need access to safely managed sanitation. (

Purity Levels

water rich in minerals

Safe to Drink 

contains no harmful chemicals

NSF Certified Filters

bacteria, viruses or pesticides

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